Home & Office

Reduce employee sick days and save your business money.

All it takes is one sick employee to take an illness to work with them and spread their sickness to the rest of the workforce leading to sick building syndrome.

Installing AFL in any working environment helps to control the spread of infection between employees, improves concentration levels and reduces fatigue. Healthy staff means less sick days taken of work which saves your business money. So what are you waiting for?

Smart companies install AFL.

If you suspect the air in your home or office is affecting your health, you're probably right.

AFL NASA developed AFLPCO® Technology works 24/7 day and night to eliminate the mold and fungi that destroy your home. AFL also destroys dust which mites thrive on and multiply by the millions inside your home. Volitile organic compounds (VOC's) released from carpeting, paints and adhesives in your home are also very hazardous to your health.

Protect your investment and keep your home healthy. Install AFL in your home today and reap the benefits of 99.9% clean air.

Breathing air free from impurities helps you sleep better.

Trust in AFL to destroy the allergens and harmful organisms in your home so you can get a good night sleep.