World winning food waste disposal solution

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World winning food waste disposal solution with integrated AIR FOR LIFE technology.
Through its 3 simple process-grinding, dehydrating and filtering the odor, Smart Cara can reduce food waste up to 90%


Storage function

Food waste collected then disposed at once

Storage container

Output can be stored

Low noise, High durability

BLDC motor applied

Reduction rate

Food waste in powder from

Customization available

Power socket

No odor

Outstanding filter technology

Sterilizing function

Heat high temperature


Self-cleansing of receptacles

Audio guide system

User friendly


Strong coating

Separable stainless cover

Easy to clean

Food waste recycling

Available as fertilizer

3 simple process

through its 3 simple process-grinding, dehydrating and filtering the odor, AFL SM500 can reduce food waste up to 90%.

AFL SM500 saves energy through a revolutionary use of sensors that automatically measure food waste volume and by periodically checking dehydration levels, saving both time and energy.

Strong Receptacles. Anti-scratch coating applied. Corrosion Resistant.

Self Cleansing makes easy to maintain. The dehydration chamber is easily cleaned with a push of a button.

AFL SM500 saves time and space by reducing food waste into a dry powder, allowing for the sanitary, odorless long term storage of food waste.

AFL SM500 optimally combines multiple carbon filters to eliminate unpleasant odors.

AFL SM500 Technical specification

Processing method
Dry / Grind

220V/60Hz(Customizing available)

Processing time
Average 3 to 5 hours

Reduction rate
About 90%

AFL SM500 19kg

Installation method
Stand-alone type

Power consumption
AFL SM500 = 1kW

Measure of capacity
AFL SM500 max 5L

Triple Complex Filter

AFL SM500 = 340 (W) x 372 (D) x 727 (H)

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