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Install in your work or home today and reap the benefits of 99.9% clean air.

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LUNA Mini Portable Sanifier®


AFL is proud to unveil the Mini Portable Sanifier® with revolutionary, energy-efficient technology that fights germs by cleaning and sanitizing the air in rooms up to 175 square feet, including nurseries, bedrooms, pet rooms, playrooms, hotel rooms, cars, planes, and more.
AFL has created the Mini Portable especially for families with children and/or pets to protect rooms from germs, viruses, aeroallergens, and harmful pollutants in the air and on surfaces.

LUNA Mini Portable Sanifier®


LUNA Mini Portable Sanifier® is a small air purifier that cleans the air in areas up to 175 square feet. This makes it ideal for vehicles, utility rooms, bedrooms, offices, hotels, boats, and much more. This travel air purifier comes with a DC adapter, so it can be plugged into your mobile home, car, or truck.

For those who enjoy traveling with pets, this unit is great for reducing odours and pet dander that get trapped within your vehicle. LUNA Mini Portable Sanifier® is the best portable air purifier for travellers because it also eliminates the odours left behind from carbon-based allergens, cigarette smoke, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

This unit is perfect for customers who want to improve their indoor air quality (IAQ) on the go. This unit can easily be used as a desktop air purifier in an office or on a countertop. It can then be moved to your car, home, or hotel room!

This versatile unit comes with a padded carrying case, a DC car adapter, 100-240V wall adapter, and a mounting bracket to secure it to your car, boat and more! This portable UV sterilizer goes where you go, so you can have fresh air in all of your residential areas!

LUNA Mini Portable Sanifiers® are carefully assembled by hand in the USA. Each and every unit passes through a strict quality management system, where it is thoroughly inspected. This process ensures every customer receives the most reliable air purification products available.

The LUNA Mini Portable Sanifier® has three output settings, leaving you in total control of your air. It’s very low maintenance, and the washable stainless steel dust guard never needs replacing. With our one year limited warranty, you can rest assured that no parts will need to be replaced for a full year!

How It Works

The LUNA Mini Portable Sanifier® works by using the AHPCO® (Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation) Technology developed by NASA and improved by our research and development team, including Dr. Jeff Bennert and Prof. Nabarun Ghosh.

The AHPCO® Technology works by destroying germs as they pass through UV light. The light rays then react with the AHPCO® catalyst to produce catalytic molecules, which seek out and destroy odour causing carbon based molecules. These molecules are then converted into carbon dioxide and water replacing harmful allergens in the atmosphere with fresh, clean air.

The benefits of a small air sanitizer
There are many benefits to using a small desktop air purifier. The LUNA Mini Portable Sanifier® is great for clearing out common carbon based allergens like smoke, mould, viruses, bacteria, and much more.


Our units are also the best choice for getting rid of pet odours and bathroom odours and reducing MRSA in the air and surfaces of hospitals, gyms and schools. Our portable air purifiers have also been proven to improve the overall IAQ of offices especially in old buildings and hair salons that contain harmful VOCs.

LUNA Mini Portable Sanifiers® are durable and made in the U.S. We take pride in hand-assembling each of our units and even build many of our own internal components in-house. When you purchase from Air For Life, you can feel great knowing that you’re receiving only the highest-quality products available.


Simple Operation:
The LUNA Mini Portable Sanifier® has 3 output settings, and 3 fan speed settings, leaving you in control of your air.

Virtually Maintenance Free:
  • No routine maintenance to perform
  • Stainless steel dust guard never has to be replaced
  • AHPCO® cell only needs replacing every 12 months

Optional Settings:
3 ion output settings (Low/Med/High)
3 fan speed settings (Low/Med/High)
LED lights (Indicates ion and speed settings)

Coverage: Up to 175 sq. ft.*
(* Multiple units may be needed in areas of higher contamination)

Whisper quiet operation

Durable Construction:
ABS with soft touch coating
Stainless steel

Accessories Included:
Padded carrying case
Removable mounting bracket
110 VAC power adapter
12 VDC car adaptor

1 year limited warranty


Product Name:
LUNA Mini portable Sanifier®

Model Number:
LNT/MP 175

Product Dimensions:
Not Packaged: 4″ x 7″ x 1.5″
Packaged: 9” x 6” x 4”

Not Packaged: 0.45 kg
Packaged: 0.9 kg

12 VDC

6 foot cord

4.73 CFM

Ozone Levels:
Less than .04 ppm on high settings

Up to 175 sq. ft.

3 ion-output and 3 fan-speed settings (LO, MI, HI)

Negative Ion Output:

Polymers (ABS and PC) / Stainless steel dust guard

Working Temp:
0°F – 122°F

1 year limited warranty

Country of Origin:
Made in the USA

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Customer review
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    Great stuff, using in the car and cigarette smoke is gone away.

    Teesha Nigam

    This is so cool... Staying healthy has never been more effortless... Breathing fresh air is the key to good health and this Mini portable sanifier is makin sure to keep my atmosphere Clean, Pure and Positive....!! Highly recommended...


    Amazing product air feels fresh and clean and my hayfever has got better since keeping it in the bedroom!